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Mussa John from Tanzania message

Mussa John from Tanzania message
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Thank you for this interesting assignment.I would prefer using the first topic to figure out my essay:Why should we pick you as the winner? Intro: CAR FROM JAPAN Japanese used cars are the best to me, as most of them,apart from its quality are common Brands ever to hit the market.For example here in Africa especially in my good country Tanzania,it is an advantage having a CAR FROM JAPAN Japanese used cars, over other brands because of its easy availability, Competitive prices,easy to manage in terms of fuel consumption and availability of spares especially for Toyota cars. it may be noted that also Toyota offer many choices of Car varieties in terms of model, size and price.
I should be chosen as the winner of CAR FROM JAPAN competition because i like Japan cars for the reasons mentioned above,and cant wait to be ambassodor of the products. Hope i am already a winner of competition and awaiting for the Prize.

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