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Moses Mwalongo from Tanzania message

Moses Mwalongo from Tanzania message
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First of all i would like to thanks all
honorables those who facilitate this competition particulary sponsors, again thanks for enable me to joining and getting chance to join in this competition definitely i’m absolute glad since i heard and when i successiful joined in this huge competition of contesting car from Japan, actually i’m eager to be among the winer of getting pride car from Japan this year.
I have reasons to be winner or should be the winner of this competiton as longer as i joined and i should get what i deserve otherwise i cannot judge myself since you are the one to obseve who deserve by adhering terms and conditions of this competition but hopping my efforts will not vanish away since i tried as much as possible.

Every one have his or her own dream in his or her life, bacause many people if not all people have egger to possess car in life since its the only simple and simplify transpotation especially for workers and even others. Probably this competition may be can enable me to fullfill my anticipation dream of having gifted car from Japan in my life, actually this will be the great presure in my life.And as longer as i joined in this competition hopping to win this great competition as longer as i qualified as regarded to adhere terms and condition in this competition.

Japanise cars are the my first priority choice ever since i started experiencing and understanding those cars which are strong and last cars that can survive for long period and tolerable in various bad environment especially in bad or unimproved infrastructure since most our roads are not looking good so Japanise cars are the most wanted to our country and othera. That’s why Japanise car is my choise ever and not only me but worldwide are fascinated with Japanese car due its strengthness.
Again, I’m still emphasize my preasure about this competion because you are the one to make my dream to become true, additional to that is just advising if not requesting, that this competition should be sustainable. This is due to the fact that whenever this competition will continue progressively and frequent, this can be among the mechanism to advertise Japanise cars worldwide as far as people concerned, thus the market of Japanese products will extend intensively. Also people will be inspired from japanise cars from variety of competitions that you may lounch in different parts of the world.
Despite cars from Japan is better and they are in high level of better products in the word, but by cementing you should keep and maintain this position by being more creative and innovative of different design of cars, by other words to keep updating different designs of cars this will fascinate people about cars from Japan and this will fuel to conquer the world market particularly cars market.

Finaly, i do appreciate your work for facilitate this competition and i’m sure whenever i win this competition i will pronounce and advertise Japanise car as much as possible as i can to other people particularly to my country as longer as i will have Japanise product. Actually many people will be inspired to me as i did my best to this competition. Definitely this Xmass will be notable and indelible mark in this year because of your efforts particularly to your customers to fulfil their dreams, that’s why i do appreciate it.
On top of that i humbly acknowledge and appreciate those facilitaters and distinguish sponsors of this competition in which many people have egger to win this competition nevertheless at the end of competition you will have the final say and decision to declare the one who will win this great and notable competition.
Thank you very much for letting me to be among in the competition to contest this great ecompetition.
Yours, Moses Mwalongo.

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