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Monectress Chizikani from Zimbabwe message

Monectress Chizikani from Zimbabwe message
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When your year is set, you create a goal. That goal is jeopardized by the economy which you live in, l stay in Borrow dale,Harare, Zimbabwe. Jolly l see lots of beautiful cars and l always wish and strive to earn enough money to get one,what makes this dream of mine even more realistic is the fact that factually over eighty percent (80%) of the cars l see being driven in my country be it luxurious cars or lorries and trucks are actually from Japan, ‘ex-Jap’ is the common phrase for them.At the tender age of 22 because of Japan and its japan car sales has brought hope to youngsters like us that anything is possible, l can also achieve what l see others progressing to.Japanese used cars have not only made it possible but have also shown that dreams can be tangible, to own a car gives you a certain status in life, it shows that you are a hard worker and a team player,one becomes part of team players.What l admire mostly fromJapanese used cars is for being able to provide us with very much affordable vehicles making it easy for us to board a much more easier and convenient mode of transport.l am in to real estate with a vehicle it lightens the job of going from town to town, i also sell poultry and livestock, transporting them and even far better searching for sellers and buyers becomes much more elaborating and enthusiastic especially with the fact that you do not spend hours of hours waiting for the public transportation to go off in to the road when the bus or commuter omnibus gets full, which at the end of the day would be an inconvenience. Lets take for instance, my mother, who is disabled ,she has suffered with arthritic on her left leg for more years than l could remember, she is a farmer, she goes around to look for stands and if God bids most probably a ranch soon which she will use to earn enough income to sustain her way of life as she is a retired pensioner who unfortunately had to retire on medical grounds.She is also in to the recycling business on the side of pelitising plastics and LD material with the best interest in promoting a clean and safe environment, a huge supporter of the go green campaigns that have been launch since way back than l could remember.But,this would have all been unfortunate if Japan had not come up to approach our lovely Zimbabwe with the utmost affordable prices of cars which evidently are in perfectly good conditions.My mother would simply have been a housewife, who has no contributions to the society, but because and with many thanks to Cars from Japan, she is doing meaningful work which benefits her and the community and the continent as a matter of fact, she is able to play her part mostly and please note that mostly because she has her own spear legs that pick up where she leaves off, this has all been a benefit greatly brought to us by Cars From Japan.
I actually aspire to be like her currently raising my own money whilst helping her at the side so that l will not have to compromise her by taking the wheels she most dearly need, by picking me as the winner, i will advance my works as l advertise this company with exposures of the businesses l intend to get involved with but mostly l will be your spokes person to all people, as l will advocate the good works and evident generosity this company has portrayed as just the same way as l advocate for my mother as she conjures through with her good deeds.
With Great Appreciation.
Monectress Chizikani

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