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Mohd Salim Mohd from Tanzania message

~CAR FROM JAPAN company should make me as the winner because me firstly l have so respect to this competition and also for the company of Japanese used car in general secondly I participate well and from A to Z thirdly I am so poor man who come from in poor family and if l will a winner must me to see CAR FROM JAPAN Is so helper to me and also for my family.
~CAR FROM JAPAN are so good company in the world and so good for me and the people like me because I am poor man and the Japanese used car are so good and so well for us because they sell his car for all stage I mean the car of high price and the car of low price all in all if you are poor you will buy car from Japan by using CAR FROM JAPAN COMPANY and also if you are rich man you buy car from Japan because they have all car in a different price and different in stage.Therefore the company of Japanese used car are so helper to me and all people like me who are so poor.

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