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Maxwell Mtola from Malawi message

Maxwell Mtola from Malawi message
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Thanks once more to CAR FROM JAPAN for another free car giveaway in 2016. Last year I entered into this free car giveaway but I did not win any prize. Although i did not win but I was happy someone won the car and CAR FROM JAPAN published all names of winners, no spam.
Unlike others CAR FROM JAPAN is a true firm and I want to assure everyone participating in this competition that they have a real chance of winning and if they win they will receive their car wherever in the world they may be.

I am participating in this giveaway to win myself a car for my family. The car would really help me take my kids to a town school since my family stays far from a big town.

Aside from this giveaway car, people all over the world should understand that CAR FROM JAPAN sells quality used cars at unbeatable prices. They have very good deals and terms. I have several friends who bought a car from CAR FROM JAPAN and all of them admit CAR FROM JAPAN is the best.
I already intend to buy a utility vehicle from CAR FROM JAPAN in the future when my savings are enough because cars here are very cheap and clean.
Lastly I want to wish everybody luck in this big giveaway, you never know you could become a smiling car owner of a free car from CAR FROM JAPAN before the end of this year.
If you want to buy a used car, fist think about CAR FROFROM JAPAN, a really true partner for the world, especially in Africa.

To CAR FROM JAPAN i salute you! Keep up the good work, maintain your high standards, good terms and best deals, we love you. Continue running the car competitions in years to come. Thank CAR FROM JAPAN

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