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Mary Nawadradra from Fiji message

Mary Nawadradra from Fiji message
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Thank you for having me be part of this competition..I hear that car from Japan are very quality cars and I’m more than happy to be part of this ,im being part of this just to hope that luck comes my way. I hear also even your Japanese used cars are also cheap and quality also, I don’t have experience in driving but I’m just hoping for Christmas gift for me and my family. I have a loving family and we just recently lost my son like this time last year and we hope for something to just cheer up my family… We have been through alot and I am wishing so hard that I do get a chance in winning a car from your company… I think car from Japan are quite valuable and quality because some of your latest cars are just too good and here in fiji it’s likely we see your brand of cars because in my view here it’s quiet expensive and the models are too good.

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