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MARY MUNGAI from USA message

MARY MUNGAI from USA message
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Car from japan is the best competition of the year! So many people go through a hard time commuting to work so the fact that your company came together and decided to generously give this chance of luck to millions of people worldwide is a true show that humanity exists. Even if am not one of the lucky winners i am so grateful to your company about the good course you guys are doing.
I think i should be picked as winner because i would love to use the car as my source of transport to help me go from door to door to collect contributions for my charity. I started a charity in Kenya assisting children living in poverty stricken villages to be able to afford cheap and affordable daycare while the parents go in search of work. So far my daycare is assisting 30 kids i would love to grow the number of kids but am limited since am using the bus while i go in search of sponsors. If i get a Japanese used car the car i will easily move around and i believe i will be able to grow my charity and help as many kids as i can. Thank you car from japan for giving me this opportunity to participate in this competition and keep up the good work.

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