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Mary from Kenya message

Mary from Kenya message
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Hi there I have been wishing to have my own car for long time but I think this is my opportunity to have it I have been a taxi driver in a certain company but I would like to have mine starting with this carfromjapan if I can get one I can be very happy let pray together for this opportunity has came join your hards now let’s pray this is very good I think this is not a dream I wish to get a new car,it is two days remains for the winner to be announced still to celebrate celebrate the winner celebrate from any country I wish I was among 67 who won God I pray for this campaign and for this company called carfromjapan help me not to fail this is my time I will preach this gospel everyday everywhere in hole Africa that this is the best company to get a quality car which u like to get if I win this car I will tell my hole family about it so they can get every tarp of car they need I can market for this company as well as I can not forget any thing about this game .this is my fast game am so much interested with because I want to have my own car at the end of the year this will be a wonderful year in my life since I was born I want a good end I can’t give up because I may be the winner may the lord our God bless carfromjapan to be the most popular in the whole world

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