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Marisa Santiago from Bahrain message

Marisa Santiago from Bahrain message
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Good morning!
I’m am a mother of two kids and working away from them.Philipine to Bahrain…I’m on hard time being away from them is really not easy!i love my kids more than my job,but because of loving them that much more than myself I need to be be away and work for their life in Philipine is not really easy that’s why I’m here away,and longing for kids are growing up!and they are open always that they want me to stay with I really wish too!they ask me to choose…to stay in Philipine with them and Lost my job or bring them here (Bahrain)with me and have my job at the same time!i choosed the second option to bring them here because I know if go back to Philipine it won’t be easy for me and it will more broke my heart if I can’t give the needs of my kids!and apparently if I won the Car it would be a big help for us to stay here in Bahrain sending them to school because taxi is really expensive and most of it for any emergency that I might face during of staying here with my kids,I’m working now on their papers hopefully by June 2017 they are with me already.but if I’m not the lucky one for a Car,winning a cash prize would be a big help either .maybe I can use for a capital to start a small bussiness in Philipine if I may not bring them here and I will go back and stay with them….I hope God will mercy me by his power upon you!thank and God bless us!

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