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Marisa from Samoa message

Marisa from Samoa message
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I am a mother to two beautiful children. I leave my children with my mother every morning from 8am – 6pm so i can work to earn a steady income for my family. Next year my son will start school and transportation will be difficult as I dont have a car and the income i make is not enough for me to put aside for a car as I earn very little but enough to keep my family happy. When I came across one of my friend who shared the promotion of Cars from Japan, i did not hesitate but click on it immediately. After reading through Cars from Japan website and understood more about Japanese Used Cars I was immediately drawn. I read through and looked through the cars and studied their qualities and from there I entered my details in to the draw. If I win, i am praying I am given the chance to afford a car, it will make my life and that of my family especially my children so much convenient.

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