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marcelino gervas mganwa from Tanzania message

marcelino gervas mganwa from Tanzania message
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Car from Japan as a topic. Japan is one among the Industrialized country in the world today, The history of Japan industrialization begun very long time ago since Meiji restoration, where japan started to be among the big nation in world history. After the second world war of 1945, in which Japan stormed a nuclear bomb by American solders, Japan refused totally to engage it self in the fighting the war and started to rebuild its economy which was to a large extent damaged by the war. Internal Japan begun the process of rebuilding its infrastructure including roads, industries,railways ,airports and others, as a result Japan within a short period experience the boom economic growth, after started to manufacture different good including best cars in the world. The Japanese cars started to be sold around the world including Africa, America,Europe, and many many places in the world. It was estimated that 85% of cars which was sold in the wold market for almost ten years was the cars from Japan. WHY is this. simple is because most of the users of cars from Japan accept that, Japanese cars is one among the best an durable cars in the world, take an example of many parts of Africa continent where infrastructure such as roads was still not as that of developed countries like Europe Japan and others, But because the durability of the Japanese cars to resist in such situation for a long time people prefer to buy cars from Japan hence they resist in all conditions, Not only that but also technologically advancement of Japanese cars also is another factors towards the spread of Japanese cars in the world market.
Price wise is another factors to prefer cars from Japan IN the world today it said to that the price of Japanese cars is cheap compare to cars from other countries like America, Europe and even India, this affordability price of Japanese cars to a large extent capture the world market, especially Africans, due to our economically set up. Africans come to realize that the Japanese cars is some how cheap compared to that of America, and most of Africans are poor to the extent that they were not able to buy cars from Europe or America, as a result the reach in a position that there first choice is Japanese cars due to durability of the cars, as far as geographical position of African continent is concerned but also price wise.
Another factor is engine loads of Japanese cars
Research shows that, Japanese cars technology is one among the best technologically in the word market compared to other technology. This because, of the fuel consumption of Japanese cars is very low compared to cars from other countries, by doing so Japanese cars are in the place of winning the world market compared to cars from other place, In most cases you may find the Japanese cars consume one liter petrol oil up to 5 kilometers so for the people who did not have well established economic base,will preferable for him or her, not only the normal people but also busines wise is more benefits.
Net work connection
Most of Japanese company which engaged in cars business have a good network connection compared to other companies, most of these companies have agencies or centers in the areas around the word companies such as Nissan, Toyota, Mitsubishi Suzuki and many others have well established in the world and also are very famous and known about 90% world wide, so to purchase the Japanese cars using one among of the above named companies from Japan will assure you that you can get cars from Japan in a very short time and without any inconvenience, that meas there is no need for a customer to go up to Japan instead a customer may wait his/her cars in his home countries an he/she will get its cars there.
Internet network
This another aspect which also simplify the cars business from Japan, market cars from Japan is now interconnected word wide, Japanese technologically advancement of selling cars through internet also simplify to a large extent the availability of japan car world wide, this connection also accelerated by the banking system of Japan Government where by a customers will be in a position to pay for the car from Japan in a internet and help him to be secures from those people who some times cheat the customers and take away there money.
The culture of Japanese people to African
This is among also the reason for most of Africans to prefer Cars from Japan, The friend relation ship of Japanese people to Africans resulted a close friendship between these countries. In many centuries Japanese Government assisted different programmer in African continent Tanzania for example There is a Big road which was assisted by Japanese Government, this road way is now one among the contributor of economic sectors in this two two countries , and remain as one among the important legacy for Japanese contribution to Tanzania economy, So in order to continue with this kind of friendship and to feed back this assistance Most of people of these countries prefer to buy cars from Japan in order to them to contribute to Japanese economy in other way. This is just example of one project sponsored by Japanese government bin Tanzania but there is many projects sponsored by Japanese government in Tanzania and many other countries in Africa as as result of long term friendship relation.
So to conclude the above topic why Japanese cars I may say that Japanese car is preferable due to what i mentioned above, example durability, price wise technologically, interconnection, business wise as a result in the world today wherever yo go every corner of this Universe yo can observe there is a Japanese cars Japanese company Japanese businessmen, Japanese workers in different project especially Africa, So Japanese cars will remain in the word map of cars business for a very long time due to what explained above.

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