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Manuel Samuel Manhiça from Mozambique message

Manuel Samuel Manhiça from Mozambique message
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You should pick as a winner because I need a mean of transport to help me in my daily activities. In my country is not easy to get transport in the morning, in the rush hour too, bus stop are always full of people and some of them are not there to catch bus but to steal other people’s goods. Having my own car it should reduce the risk of staying in the bus, it should help to gain time to my business.
Years a go I invested in a business with my brother and uncle, because we didn’t have a car it used to be difficult to get a lot of merchandises required in store. That time I had to go to school and after school go to the downtown to buy merchandises in my suppliers and always I had to pay it’s transport.
Having my own car it should be more value, because I would no longer wait much time in the bus stop, I wouldn’t pay to transport for the merchandise. It should help me and my family when we go to have a lunch outside, it should allow me to travel long distance without hesitate.
I rarely go for a meeting with friends because some of them live far away of my neighborhood snd it is complicated to catch a mean of transport at night.
I think that CAR FROM JAPAN is company or platform that trades used cars from Japan, it was founded with the ultimate goal of “Enriching Lives” by connecting people and facilitating trades. This company is made up of many different cultures that can be designated as a corporate culture, it’s focus is to provide satisfation to the customers with it’s inovative spirit.
In CAR FROM JAPAN everyone can buy and import their desired products from Japan or another country with minimum risk & affordable prices.
I also think that those who don’t know CAR FROM JAPAN are losing an opportunit to make a great big deal.
CAR FROM JAPAN, is my hope to relieve pain of suffering with transport in my country particulary myself.
Driving a Car won at CAR FROM JAPAN should be amazing, I would take my girlfriend to walk around downtown, I would take her for camping in the countryside.
My expectations is get that car, mainly now that I am having driving license I can’t wait much time to get a gift for christmas.
My parents are running a business that their cars don’t allow them to make long distances because they are very old.
Oh CAR FROM JAPAN, is more than necessary, it is more than luxury, it is more than a will, it is more than everything that I’ve already got this year.

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