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Malcolm Jossam Saimon from Malawi message

Malcolm Jossam Saimon from Malawi message
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Japanese used cars are popular worldwide. Even in the remotely worlds where technology is lagging, if the one eyed man steps ahead of the blind; Japanese cars are the rare luxury first to be attained. They are cheap with high quality that beats the rest.

However, the song of used Japanese cars cannot be sang today without the line of Japanese Used Car Dealers. It is in this line that we sing the dear, CAR FROM JAPAN – the company close to the needs of our (populace) diversity.

CAR FROM JAPAN’s stock of used cars, is ideally cheap compared to other dealers. It is now the dream of every person in developing countries to add the wheels to his assets. Cars are becoming a necessity in every aspect. I might have no cash, but is CAR FROM JAPAN to allow me one without penny. What a goal of enriching people.

I come from a flood stricken community in Malawi. But that cannot limit the ambition to own a car. Used Japanese cars are made with the ideal of any place either to terrain, slope or any relief. They stock every car that suits people’s needs and their particular areas. They stock every machinery. This shows that people’s diversity or every business is considered as they stock the cars.

I have been joining this annual competition. I haven’t won a prize, since. But should I win this time around, I want to be an ambassador of CAR FROM JAPAN. I want to carry CAR FROM JAPAN’s badge to innovative beings. I want to carry their badge to every innovative community in my country. I want to reach out to every business person to join this trading ecosystem of CAR FROM JAPAN; the wagon of leading people.

CAR FROM JAPAN has an easy but secured five steps ‘how to buy process’, which suits every individual. Look at how they divided their ‘how to buy process’.

Step 1: You select a car, agree on price and car details. This is where you find a car that you like from their stocks. Send an inquiry to check and confirm price and other details. Once you agree with price and details, request for Invoice.

Step 2 – Day 1: You pay and share TT copy. Here, you make a payment according to the Invoice. Share the bank TT (telegraphic transfer) copy within 48 hours since the invoice was issued. Reconfirm Consignee (next owner) details, if necessary.

Step 3 – Day 5: You receive payment and purchase confirmation. CAR FROM JAPAN will confirm money arrival at their bank and confirm your purchase. Your money should reach their bank within 120 hours since the Invoice was issued.

Step 4 – Day 15: You receive shipment details and BL. They will provide with the shipment details in around 10 days from the money receipt confirmation. They need this time because they need to reserve a place for your car on a ship to your port. They will send you the original BL by post via DHL, FedEx, or etc sooner after the shipment leaves Japan.

Step 5 – Day 45: You receive the car
with the BL sent to you. You will be able to receive the car at your port.

What else can a customer look for in such a transaction process? CAR FROM JAPAN’s focus is on retaining customers rather than making sales, because they believe that every great business is built upon customer satisfaction. I am satisfied. Hopefully any other customer will be satisfied too. If it wasn’t for this campaign, I would still buy from them; because they are convincing.

My appeal to car from japan, let me join the band wagon of your ambassadors. Let me reach out to people in my community. People with money and ambitions. Very innovative people. But live in a community of laggards. We are yet to develop. CAR FROM JAPAN, be our development partner. Include my community in your trading ecosystem. Walk with us as we indulge in innovations.

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