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lumbael lameck talali from Tanzania message

lumbael lameck talali from Tanzania message
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Hello Lan phan
Chief marketing officer, Car
Am glad to be registered as contestant,i have been dreaming all of my life to drive harrier as my favourite and i have been working so hard so i could buy a car from Japan but my job can’t provide an affordable salary to buy a car from Japan,through this competition it’s my prayer and dream to win this car.
And i will share my story to all my friend and other people that car from Japan has made my life meaningful again as my dreams comes true.
Apart from that Tanzania is loved by toyota cars from Japan and for this all young generation likes cars from japan,once i will have this car will make life easy in business and job too.
My family also will join me in making life simple as to go hospital and other helping activities will be easy.
To win this car from Japan life will be simple again.
Make me great for fulfilling my dream.

Thanks for reading
Am sure your smilling now as you read.
Lumbael lameck Talali.

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