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Luke Kaunga Nyirenda from Malawi message

Luke Kaunga Nyirenda from Malawi message
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Well, car from Japan is no longer a strange thing in Malawi nowadays. Japanese cars have assisted a lot of Malawians in the sense that most malawians are driving a car whose origin can be traced back to Japan. Whoever, came up with this brilliant idea of selling these cars to countries like Malawi and many more others should really be praised and thanked in a special way. He/she has fulfilled the dreams of many who would not have afforded to drive if wasn’t for Japanese cars.

From what I have gathered and witnessed, these cars are durable, affordable and trustworthy. The information that you provide when one is inquiring about a specific vehicle, are always true and correct thereby strengthening and widening your marketing skills and area. For a country like Malawi, where many people are spending below one dollar per day, Japanese cars have filled the gap which would remained there forever it was not for these cheap and affordable vehicles.

To show that indeed Japanese cars have assisted many to have their dreams of driving come true, out of ten people owning a car these days, at least, eight those cars are made and bought from Japan. This is a sign that indeed, Japanese cars have been the answer to many people in Ma
Malawi and abroad. Not many of us can afford to buy a car from United Kingdom, America or Germany, etc due to our financial stand.

To te marketing team I would encourage you to keep on selling us these vehicles at a reasonable price and that you should maintain your trustworthiness in providing the useful information when someone is making an inquiry of a particular vehicle because this reduces the problems that one would face at the boarders by the custom and clearimg departments.

Lastly, I wish you a merry Christmas and a continued and improved marketing skills and ability in 2017.

Stay blessed!

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