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luciano milala from Malawi message

luciano milala from Malawi message
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When I was about to join the competition I was about to say why the company are looking to give away these good cars , but I rush in realizing that they want to thank its customers on what they are as top selling cars in the world.

Am the person you can pick to win because I will represent your company in Africa and help your company to grow, another thing is that picking me to be the winner it means the company doesn’t need to make profits only but also to give good things to its people. I will be glad if I won one of the prizes in your competition because I will easy take part in your advert about your company.

Car from Japan are cars that we trust in Africa because even their spare parts are original and can be found everywhere than other car deal companies.

Car from Japan are good cars and when you buy it you will not regret as what happen with other car dealers in the earth but car from Japan believe in giving and selling good cars.

When we talk of Africa roads are not like United States of America or United Kingdom roads but cars from Japan suit Africa roads and any continental roads.

On why I join the competition the first thing is to win the competition and to be ambassador of Car from Japan in Malawi and in Africa in particular because people will believe that the car I will win will be different from their cars and they will buy from Cars from Japan .

I believe cars from Japan are not fake company like others companies are fake car from Japan are genuine car dealer.

Cars from Japan are very good cars and anyone bought far from Japan did not regret but appreciate what you have offered became it has no breakage, no problem and the engine suit Africans needs that help more Africans to manage their car well.
Africans, Asians, Americans and all people who love good things when you want to buy cars think of car from Japan where what you want we have.
I believe Car from Japan knows you and what you want, drive good cars and buy from Car from Japan.
We can not disappoint you we are real company.

May God bless car from Japan and may God bless LAN

Yours customer

Luciano Milala

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