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Lovemore Mphamba from Malawi message

Lovemore Mphamba from Malawi message
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First let me say it is my desire to own and drive car from Japan and again I would like to stand out as a Japanese used car marketing representative to different communities I live and visit.

Coming to why I am the best of all competitors, it is in the veins of my passion to own a car from Japan not only because of affordability, reliability, efficiency, comfortability and durability but also it creates a sense of honor, satisfaction, intelligence and wisdom. Driving a Japanese used car is one of the best life styles everyone would strive to lead against any other. In my community what is common to almost every individual is to drive a car from Japan if one would want to suit the environmental friendly policies easily. And I am the winner of this Japanese used car be not because I will receive the car after my heart but I will prove to the community that Japanese used cars are the best all the time. I will not own it but I will carry a duty of marketing representative to the potential buyers.

My perception over the Car From Japan is noble in the sense that regardless of having everyone desiring to own and drive it is also clear that in Malawi almost all government officials and well to do individuals rely on Japanese used car in their everyday life because it is fair in all aspects and they make a larger contribution towards social economy of the country. Therefore, I have the reason to be picked as the winner of Japanese used car giveaway-Xmas 2016 campaign.

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