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Lissa Mvurume from Zimbabwe message

Lissa Mvurume from Zimbabwe message
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You should pick me as a winner because I support car from Japan and I will forever support your services. I’m an active supporter and the more you also make me win the more I will appreciate your good works. You are a STAR,even if I do not chance to win I will continue supporting you are doing good work and good customer services. CAR JAPAN IS THE BEST KEEP UP THE GOOD WORKS. Keep it up I have used some cars from different countries but Japanese Used cars are as good as new and they are Affordable, easy to service and Durable. I have brought 4cars two are from UK they are all giving me problems because they have much more requirements. The cars I used from Japan are fuel savers and they are cheaper to maintain. I go to service twice a year and I’m happy about it because that is better than to always pay the service of the car monthly yet it’s getting damaged even more. In my country there is economy hardship sooo much that it’s not easy to buy a car but 60%of the people in my country are now moving with cars daily because of car from Japan. We never used to see congestion but now there is congestion people are now driving which is a good thing in my country we call it development since there are cars from Japan which are affordable to us the less fortunate people. Thank you Car from Japan we will continue supporting you. Please make me win the car I will surely appreciated your good works. Thank you

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