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Lilien Hamena from Papua New Guinea message

Lilien Hamena from Papua New Guinea message
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I should be picked as a winner of this years’ Japanese used cars competition for Christmas campaign for cars from Japan because of the following reasons:

  1. Price: These Cars from Japan are very cheap and affordable to our country’s low to medium wage earners and for those who are self-employed
  2. Family: It is very convenient for a family in png to own a car especially in Port Moresby. Japanese used cars has made it possible for a low to medium wage earner to own a car. These cars from Japan have provide an affordable and cheap alternative means of transport for families to go to work and school daily. Japanese used cars have substitute some family usage of overcrowded and uncomfortable rides in the public transports.
    3.Business: Japanese used cars are very good as they boost small business in Port Moresby and have positive impact in the country’s economy. . Many people have purchased cars from Japan in the recent period. These cars from Japan were bought by some individuals in bulk, as fleet of 50- 100 cars and have engaged into small business of providing cheap and affordable Hires cars and taxis service in the city.

Thus I truely think that Japanese use cars company is an excellent car dealer. Compare to other car dealers in PNG, Japanese used cars are cheap and most importantly affordable from which people could have excess to.
Cars from Japan are excellent, as these cars serve the same purpose of transport people and goods in the city.
Many people here have purchased cars from Japan and many more would like to have excess to these cars for various purpose.

Therefore, with above reasons, I think I should be a winner for this Car from Japan competition.
Finally I would like to command Japanese Used Cars dealers for selling these affordable priced cars to Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea.

Thank you.
Lilien Hamena.

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