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Lewishamer from USA message

Lewishamer from USA message
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To ask someone to say why there better, is hard to do. But I can tall you how it will help me.
See I’m a single dad of twin 9 year olds boys. There mother’s not in there life as she should. That in is self( single dad of twins) is nothing. But I had a new car that I let go. So I could be a good father to my boys and care for my dying dad. My father pass from cancer at the beginning of September. I gave the new 2014 Camaro my boys loved. Up to have the funds need to take off work to care for my father in his last month alive. Now I driveing a 1987 4×4 Suzuki Samurai soft top. Just to night it has left me setting in a parking lot. It old and need a lot to get it back to a good running suv. It Japanese made engine so I know it’s a sound Investment. But out side of losing everything I had including my position in my job my car and my father or role model. New car would bring joy to my boys and my life. To know that the car will run and not leave us stranded. With that stree off my shoulders as a parent. Well it would allow me to focus on their education and bettering their life. For a better tomorrow. Thank for your time wish the best for every one who could win or does win this.

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