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LEAH W. GICHURE from Kenya message

LEAH W. GICHURE from Kenya message
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Dear Lan,

Seasonal Greetings!
Am glad to be a part of this competition, representing my good country Kenya. From my observation and research, I have gathered that Kenya is a big lover for Cars from Japan. the cars are easy drives and come with great bargaining power. Used cars have been Huge on the market since they are affordable and Spare parts can be imported and most importantly easily found within the country. We have Toyota Kenya Branch in Nairobi, the capital of Kenya and many merchants importing used cars from Japan.
Joining this Car lovers as part and Parcel of the Car From Japan Company Ltd ambassadors would be quite a humbling and rewarding experience. My Love for cars would be a great driving force into moving your products into our country and spreading the gospel. I would even take this chance to recommend that we come up with a center in Nairobi where car Lovers can easily view and purchase imported vehicles specifically from Car from Japan Co. Ltd. we could have a warehouse for easy access since most sales are done online and you have to wait for shipping period for about two to three months. this gap could be well utilized and filled. I would be glad to be a part of it.
This Christmas Season, I wish to take this opportunity to once again Thank Car From Japan for the Continuity in changing lives with this campaign to give away Cars from Japan and sincerely wish that I will be a winner in Kenya, representing our spirit of Independence.
this opportunity to win a vehicle would buy me much of this and more.
I look forward to being the Kenyan Ambassador for Car from Japan Company Ltd!

Warm Regards,

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