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Kosen Ole Kipury from Kenya message

Kosen Ole Kipury from Kenya message
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I love Japanese cars because of various reasons. Let me discuss. Reliability ofany Japanese car models is second to none and locally in Kenya it is uncommon to find people boasting about their cars which they describe as reliable enough to find a mechanic anywhere
Japanese cars are also cost effective in terms of fuel consumption, spare parts and maintenance. These accolades to these don’t come easy. They have been tried and tested.
With so many Japanese models to choose from, one could be lost for choice because they extremely stylish and possess masterful engineering. When you look at the premio and compare it with a Mercedes C100, you almost feel the comparison despite the vehicle difference.
Let me add that after a test drive in a friend’s Japance imported Mercedes C200, l couldn’t believe that the car was six years old. It felt like a showroom.

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