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Kondwani G Msowoya from Malawi message

Kondwani G Msowoya from Malawi message
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I am very glad for the opportunity that CAR FROM JAPAN has given me to speak on behalf of our sponsors. CAR FROM JAPAN recognizes how important we have been to the entire world since we opened our company. We have made sales out of our Japanese used cars that we sell to the world, profits out of sale our Japanese used cars, established Goodwill out of the name of CAR FROM JAPAN that we have come up with where it is now selling for itself. Hence, there has been a huge supply of Japanese used car to the world. Nevertheless, our CAR FROM JAPAN company has employees whom are well aware of the welfare of its clients. Therefore, we thought of giving back to the community that buys our Japanese used cars as a token of appreciation to our customers. We have been overwhelmed by the amount of sales that we make and the community seems to be the entire world. We have been trying to be eventful when paying back to our customers. Thus why we chose to be giving out 2 vehicles before the Christmas day to lucky winners. This is how we are paying back to our customers this year and next year it will be more than what we are giving out today. It does not matter if a member in the competition fails to win anything in this campaign but i can only advise them to enter the competition again next year. This giving out of free cars to the public has been a good out let of our image. We gain fame because of these incentives. CAR FROM JAPAN company has a reputation of following corporate governance rules hence the distribution of these free vehicles to the public. We can promise that we will come with more incentives. .

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