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Kepson Kaunga Nyirenda from Malawi message

Kepson Kaunga Nyirenda from Malawi message
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Picking me as the winner would benefit both me as well as your company.

To beggin with myself; the Japanise car will help much in uplifting my day to day life by easing my transport problems when going to work, and even my family will beneft from it in such a way that when a member of the family fall sick during night time we are to save the money we use to hire a taxi and use that money for other activities.

Your Company as well would beneft much because i will act as your Brand ambassador where by i will be promoting your vehicles from Japan in my area, community as well as country in so doing many people would be keen to know more about your vehicles hence more customers purchasing your vehicles since i will be assuring them of the best quality in your vehicles.

Car from japan is one of the leading cars in our roads here, this is so because of its low cost servicability, low fuel consumption and it suits the envirnment. In addition Car From Japan are of high quality.

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