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Kenneth Kenneth joao from Mozambique message

Kenneth Kenneth joao from Mozambique message
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Dear Lan and the Japanese used car.

Thank you so much for the great opportunity, I failed to join this competition in the previous give way . If I win this Japanese used car it will help me and my family. the Japanese used car will help by using their valuable time that they need for work. not only that it will help my neighbors , friends and all the community by enabling me to give them help and support all the time they want when it is free.
I like Japanese used car and it’s my dream to one day have my own Toyota hilux ou Honda crv suv 2004 year of make and manual, the Japanese used car are durable and genuine.
Am from a certain area ( village ) in the province of Zambezia here in Mozambique,
I don’t professional know it all, but willing to learn more and try to make it. this time around with willing of God the creator of all the things, I do believe that something knew from Japan used car is coming to my direction, that’s why I live everything in his hands. I would be happy and proud to be chosen as one of the winners of the Japanese used car because these car are very strong can make my dreams come true.
Thank you once again Lan and the car from Japan for the opportunity and support.

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