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Kaungame Menas Soko from Tanzania message

Kaungame Menas Soko from Tanzania message
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My name is Kaungame Menas soko from Arusha Tanzania East Africa!!
I know and I like Car from Japan is very good and original you know in Africa bad road but car from Japan it can pass without any problem!!but also availability of spear,I know good thing and I need car from Japan..thanks,I think I will be winner because I hope so i need Car from Japan!!!thanks!!!
Example in our school a lot of car is from Japan,because the following reasons
-Strong car good car and availability of spear.
-Fuel exemption is always better you can go very far we called economic.
-strong iron which made the car very different and other companies.
-Good price if you compare values of Car.
-Lucky to getting car from highest industrial such as Japan.
-Car can go everywhere in Africa
-Qulity and Highest company in the world.
-If you need good car Japan only because they have experience to make it
-Speed of car standards
-I lot of things better in the car from Japan,if you need good thing Japan only!!

Thanks I hope that I will be the winner because I need car from Japan and I know good thing from your highest industrial!! I wish x-mass and happy new year.

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