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kaunda mwewa from Zambia message

kaunda mwewa from Zambia message
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thank you Lan Phan chef and marketing officer,car from japan co ltd.i just want to say that i have firth that i can win a car that i chose from you guys and i also want to know how long it is going to take for the car to port zambia,that is if i win and i know am going to win so when will be the closing day and is it going to be aired on TV so that i can have a chance to watch the droll and i think the cars from japan are good and very easy to buy via internet and though the post office’s that we have in Zambia and even be
foward,and i also think that japan is the lead production in cars, because the cars that we get here are in good condition and give no much problems at all so i think i can rate japan cars 95% and the other 5% i will put it only on some little problems and that the damage caused by shipping,and am confident that you guys will make it happen for me because i really need a car and you guys brought this give away,i think its all i can say and i hope i make it,GOD BLESS. Yours fithfully

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