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Kaoka K Riwata from Kiribati message

Kaoka K Riwata from Kiribati message
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Having a car of my own is my dream and I hope this comes true through this Christmas competition. There are many advantages of owning a car and some are listed below:
1) going anywhere is no problem if you have a car of your own, especially if you are an employee and coming to work on time is a must.
2) shopping in a car is much cheaper and faster compared to a bus ride. Those using a car for shopping will have no problem searching for cheaper items as they can travel fast and carry needed items on the car
3) I have many friends who have bought cars and said that these from Japan are quality ones. Two of them bought their cars since 5 years ago and still they are in good condition and still using them for transportation to and back from work and for other family commitments. One of my friends used it as a transport to work and during weekends rented it out. She said she has made good savings out of this and now plans to purchase a new one from Japan again

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