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JUMANNE MCHELE from Tanzania message

JUMANNE MCHELE from Tanzania message
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first of all I want to thinks you so much for this competition, CAR FROM JAN seen to be good and very active in my country these cars a likely to be loved by the Tanzanian.

Thus why even me I started to compete to this competition so as to win people from different parts in Tanzania they are looking for CAR FROM JAPAN so as to buy it.

As well as soon I seen your competition encouraged me to search more about these cars and I learn more how these cars are working without to be destroyed easily as another cars from another countries such as from German.

another thing from your cars is about cost it is too cheap when compared to another cars from at her countries due to that influenced me to join to the competition.

CARS FROM JAPAN seen to be better as well as totally are very competent thus why I like it even if you can use the useful one but still you can be using as the new one.

I would like to thanks all the one whom participated to the building of the cars.

We need it in Tanzania simply because your car are very much used in Tanzania as the developing country every person want to be with the car from Japan which seen to be good and very cheap.

Finally I wish you a good work on bring the world together through the cars which simplified the journey of people

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