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Judith Awuor from Kenya message

Judith Awuor from Kenya message
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I would be glad if picked as a winner since I have always been dreaming to have car for business be it car or Nissan I know believe and trust that am a hard working lady and with this car I’ll be able to make good and extra income to feed my family and also save alot too and market the staffs I have too, I will be able to travell to my home country with my kids and not use the normal transport , since we are approaching holidays many people require uber services ,car hire and so on this could be an added advantage if you have one also for carrying shopping sometimes when I shop at the supermarket like foodstuffs cutlery cereals only to mention a few and I have a lot to carry I always say I wish I had my own car and now it turns down to I have to call a taxi to carry me since am unable to carry all the stuff with my hands everyone loves cars and nice cars and i will take care of mine if am lucky to win let me say Cars from Japan are elegant fantastic classy good and and unique thank you and may God bless you

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