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Joyce Gwashavanhu from Zimbabwe message

Joyce Gwashavanhu from Zimbabwe message
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Car from Japan Company has transformed my country. The majority of Zimbabweans are low income earners thereby can not afford to buy brand new cars which are very expensive. In the past, before the Car from Japan Company came into our rescue, the transport industry in my country has been hit by public transport challenges. Public transport such as buses and commuter omnibuses could only be owned by big companies and very wealthy individuals and this contributed to the transport shortages.
Today, transport shortages in Zimbabwe has become a thing of the past. I do not think that only my country has benefited from Japanese used cars but most countries have shared this cake. The Japanese used cars are affordable and I do not hesitate to mention that most of my relatives have become motorists by grabbing theirs from Japan at very low prices.
I would like to extend my gratitude and appreciation to the whole staff of Car from Japan company for the hard and efficient work that they are doing.
The Japanese used cars will reach you whilst in good condition . A friend of mine bought one from Japan and the car reached her in as good as new condition.
May I please kindly ask you to keep the excellent work that you are doing to make life easier for those in need. Your marketing staff is doing great as well as your agents operating from both sides. Hats off to the sponsors, the management and all behind the scenes.

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