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JOTHAM NYONI from Zimbabwe message

JOTHAM NYONI from Zimbabwe message
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Africa has a rough terrain. By and large Africans walk thousands of kilometres to either hospitals/shopping centres/schools or simply visiting far away relatives. I am one such person. I do really marvel at those who have succeeded in owning cars let alone a bicycle. The nearest grinding mill is usual hundreds or thousands of kilometres away. Sourcing water is quite a challenge the nearest bore could hundreds if not thousands of metres away.
Those in our rural set up who own scotch carts are a blessed lot. The drought has ravaged Africa in recent years rendering the sourcing of water and maize much of challenge , cattle are now too thin to pull the scotch carts.This means humans must now use the God given transport(walking several kilometres) to and from water sources etc. Shortest routes to and from one’s intended destinations might mean passing through mountains and forests. The dangers of meeting wild animals and thugs are more pronounced- there are no options but to walk the talk.
Majority of Africans , myself included hardly own shoes and that means one must cover hundreds/thousands of Kilometres barefooted. The scotching sun is what one must contend with on a daily basis. Climate change is much more pronounced in Africa than the rest of the world. Own of car means better means of transport and also a source of income. The ownership of a motor van in a village means the entire populace will rely on you for assistance during hard times. .
The drought ravaging Zimbabwe means rural people have to travel hundreds or thousands of kilometres in search of Grain. There are donor organisations that partner the Government in donating food to the needy in communal areas but the major challenge is transport. The food relief are centralised thus condemning those from far of villages to walk to and from the collection centres. As rural dwellers we meet these issues on a daily basis. it would have been better if we could raise enough money for transport – maybe that would mean paying private transporters to bring gain nearer one’s homestead. The modern day life is quite a challenge in that money is needed daily to meet some matters pertaining to food and there boarding buses or private cars becomes a luxury. The hierarchy of needs implies that food ranks first , followed by water and then the rest. This then requires us to priorities food in the event of cash being available. The country right now has its own challenges and therefore job opportunities are very scarce. Most families are in dire need of food handouts. Presently anyone who manages to drive a car let alone owning it means that person is viewed as being rich. If only I could win a car , my world would turn out for the better. This is my dream that I hope would materialise this year. My hope is to change my family’s life style so that we may be regarded in high esteem in our neighbourhood.
i sometimes wonder when town dwellers complain about the hot sun.They have easy access to air conditioners , better modes of transport and rarely walk thousands of kilometres on foot in the scotching sun or when heavy down pours of rains occur nor do they have to feel the harsh conditions of the cold whether on bare feet. The Rural populace can not afford one decent meal a day. Majority of communal persons like myself do envy city goers because they can afford to buy clothes and food all the times. their Christmas is always a pleasant one but for rural folk the story is different.

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