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Joseva Veremalua from Fiji message

Joseva Veremalua from Fiji message
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I grew up admiring cars. I always look around the exterior of the car noting the brand of cars and other things written on them. Then I would look inside the cars admiring the comfortable seats, steering wheel, gears, radio and what not. Later on I found out that alot of cars running on Fiji roads were Cars From Japan. This took on a whole new meaning and perception of Japan, just awe and amazement. In high school I was just in awe of friends who drove cars to school. Wow! And I got to find out also that not all vehicles running on the road were brand new vehicles. A school friend who had a car informed me that his father bought him a Japanese used car. But a look inside my friends car showed a very good car that was as good as new in top running condition.
Now I have a family of my own and taking them in public transport is a hassle to me and my wife.
This competition gives me the opportunity to win a car. More Wows!
From today I would be envisioning me driving my own car taking my family wherever we go. Awesome feeling indeed.
Thank you Car From Japan for the opportunity. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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