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Josepha Bart from Papua New Guinea message

Josepha Bart from Papua New Guinea message
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I would really much liked to be picked because I am a fan of Japanese cars .. I have started liking it when I saw advertisement’s on our daily newspaper I.e the national and post courier (PNG) and have gone through browsing it on the mobile..I have also followed it through my email..and Facebook.. I always wished for a car from Japan and I am determined that I am able to have one now..
I am for this special event too because in our country, we don’t have manufacturers of cars..I believe a lot of our cars are imported from Japan to our country.
All Japanese cars are also good quality and affordable to buyers. Although far from Japan to our country, we try our best to have it purchased and shipped over so that we can showoff the Japanese brand of the car. I think Japanese cars are very good in terms of conditions and they have the quality people like.also they last for a long duration of time..the inside settings of most of them are of high standard compared to other countries brands.. I love to have a car from Japan and I wish its this Christmas holiday so I can enjoy my holiday here in PNG.

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