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Joseph Mani from Kenya message

Joseph Mani from Kenya message
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A friend of mine tagged me to this competition as she had won a car form Japan and thought wy not try my luck as I have been really wanting to win a car as I am unable to afford one, its really expensive form my country. I thought that Car from Japan is a great initiative that makes people extremely happy and changes their lives. The happiness spread by the unexpected win of a car is unmatched. I love cars and I have always dreamt about owing one but I am unable to afford one so I try to apply on car from Japan and actually try my luck, who knows? I am also convinced that it is not a scam as I have seen someone that I know actually have a car delivered at their homes, unbelievable as it may sound. I just cross my fingers for that how I really really really really want to own a car can come true. If there was a way to prove that I am the most deserving winner I would not hesitate to.

I think of car from japan as a dream making initiative that is like a pay it forward so as to make people happier and leave the world a better place. I love car form japan and hooes for the best.

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