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Joe Y Lubiale from Papua New Guinea message

Joe Y Lubiale from Papua New Guinea message
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Dear Lan,
I’m from Papua New Guinea where more than 3/4 of used car were Japanese used car..Nearly all the used car are of very high quality and long last but very cheap..
I’m very grateful and very prevllge to participate with Car From Japan, Japanese Used Car promotion competition as this kind of promotion is very rare..
And also would like to mention here that these used cars from Japanese used car not only imported to PNG but also around the globe..
I would like to extend my sincer gratitude to Car From Japan for this Japanese used car promotion competition worldwide as some of us are under privilege who have desire to own one car but some circumstances beyond our control can’t afford to own one so I’m hoping that this is my life time chance /opportunity passed by my way.
I’m hoping that if my luck become the reality than it’s my dream come true,so I’m putting my fingers cross..

I’m also wish my best luck to every body who participate in this competition. .
I’m looking forward for the final draw..
Lastly I would like to THANK everybody who have worked tiresly to put up this promotion competition not forgeting Car From Japan, Japanese used car..

I await for the final outcome.
With that I put pen off here.

JY Lubiale.


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