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jenny romao from Canada message

jenny romao from Canada message
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I love Japanese cars! my Subaru wagon was hit by a recycling truck & insurance wouldn’t give enough to replace our scooby! my son loved calling the car scooby and that it was so safe when hit by a massive vehicle.
the car dealership I bought it from said that they would help,& was looking into doing a commercial ( I have done 2 before for Goodlife fitness) but then the car dealership did nothing.
I bought a Honda which is also lovely but not as sturdy as the Subaru, but now I need new vehicle and am limited with what I can but since getting hurt on my leg and ankle from the recycling truck accident.
I would be glad to do an infomercial for your company, and have alreadybtweeted about Car From Japan to all my 5,500 followers on Twitter.
please help me to win a Car From Japan and I will help you with your social media & public relations as well.
best regards,
😘 Jenny

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