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James Halinga from Tanzania message

James Halinga from Tanzania message
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Dear, marketing manager.
Its my hope that you are fine, and an fine too. As I said before that I will not stop loving car from Japan even though I will not be a winner. You should pick me as a winner due to my following qualifications:-

  1. I have promoted the previous free car giving campaign as I was able to do so but I was not a winner and I haven’t give up
    2.I a sure you that I will be a good sponsor of car from Japan I you can trust and give me an opportunity do do so
  2. Am not able to buy a car from Japan, am living in poor family that I can not afford to buy acar
  3. I know the demands of cars in my country is high, because I know the market of cars as my country is one of the fast growing country where the demand is high also the supply is needed
  4. Cars from Japan is my choice thus why I promote this campaign without hesitation because I trust you.
  5. Am sharing the link in my all social networks so that people can read and buy cars from Japan.
    What I think about car car from Japan is
  6. Cars from Japan are affordable that even low wager can afford as the price is minimum
  7. Cars from Japan are trusted in its durability as they last for long time without repairing or need of any spair parts to be repaired
  8. The fuel consumption is very low hence they don’t need high addition cost to buy fuel
  9. They can be used in all environments in environments with heavy rainfall as they have flywheels which enable then even to reach in remote areas where roads are poorly made
  10. They can carry heavy loads from one place to another
    This how I know about car from Japan and the above qualifications can enable me to be a winner
    I wish you a nice day.

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