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J C Kaunda from Malawi message

J C Kaunda from Malawi message
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Good Day,
I have said it before and I am not bothered to say it again. I am yet to see the Country which has developed without Cars from Japan, Japanese used Car or New. Development means mobility and Car from Japan is the Hub.
Car from Japan not only for pleasure but business as well as Construction Machinery. Car from Japan for people who have the LOVE of their Country at Heart. The above message explains just a fraction of How I feel for CAR FROM JAPAN.
PICK me for a winner,because I have just told you the truth.Pick me for a winner because Nobody likes to lose,even those who have not entered this competetion will not be happy to see their names missing.
Pick me for a winner not that I deserve the best but because I am one of those who trust and have loyalty for CAR FROM JAPAN.

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