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Isso Mapunda from Tanzania message

Isso Mapunda from Tanzania message
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You can pick me because cars from Japan’s are most quality and quantity in the world,
that why many people in the World like and love those cars from Japan.
Also the spare of these cars from Japan are cheap and easy available in the World compared to other cars which are selling in the other part .
Japan’s car are most comfortable and simplify the system of transport and communication in the human activities especially,favour the environment in Africa .
Also Japan cars are easy affordable at any level of the people such as those poor people in economy and rich they are able to own.
I like Japan’s car because are mostly economy in fuel, you can use in long distance with little fuel.
This help those poor people in economy to afford it. So when they are using little money to run these cars
As cars from Japan are available in Worldwide as I said before this is due to good linked in level of those cars such as people in who are in low level are able to own it and those people who are in higher position in economy they can own according to their moneys
Cars from Japan are easy available in Worldwide because you are transparent in your technology than those cars which are created in other part of the World.
Because those car which created in other party of the world they don’t want any company to create it.
Hence they are not transparency to there technology in worldwide that why their cars are very expensive and not easy available in Worldwide. Japan cars are most value in the World because can be easy affordable to every one who need to own these cars.

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