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Isaiah Mbuzi from Zambia message

Isaiah Mbuzi from Zambia message
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I woke up this morning thinking of how to get to town, then I saw a car from Japan coming,I stopped it and got into the car from Japan off I went to town.Ten minutes later I was in town then I got off from the car from Japan,I started walking while walking I looked around me what I saw was a car from Japan coming from my back another car from Japan on my front,and then I looked to my left I saw a car from Japan, I turned to my right a car from Japan was coming.I crossed the road and I started shopping.Two hours later it was time to get home and I went to the station and all I looked for was a car from Japan.Thirty minutes later I was home due to traffic jum.The family was happy because I arrived home safe and I told my family that I used a car from Japan as a mode of transport to and from.The I thought of ,If any person inquiries of where to buy a car, I will recommend car from Japan.
Car from Japan is the best Car to own so far no doubt about it,to all my village family think car from Japan, you will never go wrong,and to all my neighbors think car from Japan no regrets

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