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isack from Tanzania message

isack from Tanzania message
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Dear lan
I am greatfull for your and this competition and the award given. I was impressed by the last those people who win the other crissmas giving away of 2015. The winner win by advicing his friends to join and get a chance to win a car. In my life i always belive that hard works pay. And if i will do this with all my heart i will create many chances ofvwinning a car. Its always like a dream to me that one day i will have or own my own car. But i belive that this crismass i will have one. The car will help me in many ways first it will have simplify my things.and i will like again to say sincialy give my thanks to the sponcers of this competion. Who see that their is a need of give back somthing like a presents to our costomers in all parts of the word.
Its my belive that i will become among the winners of 2016 crismass giving away car.thanks
Isack Amedeus

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