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Isaac Mokaya from Kenya message

Isaac Mokaya from Kenya message
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I really thank the management of CAR FROM JAPAN for coming down to Africa and engage local people in their festive season campaign.We are so happy and we promise to buy cars from you or even refer our friends and family who need to purchase cars because you are very open and transparent in your transactions because I can testify that.Your prices are friendly and affordable.Thank you CAR FROM JAPAN for bringing your services right to our doorsteps.God bless you and we look forward doing business with you.
I personally like reffering clients to other companies that don’t even take clients interest at heart.They even careless handling customers question in quick response in turn people have question my motives because of that.Thank you CAR FROM JAPAN because you are so open and I am proud of you.
I humbly make an appeal to Car from Japan to come here in Kenya and set up of offices that will taking care of clients questions so that they access the services down here.

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