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irene from Tanzania message

irene from Tanzania message
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Hello….my name is Irene Christopher from dar es salaam, Tanzania. Am glad to be part of this competition and am trying my best to win a car from your company. I always watch what you do, the way you sell most of your cars at very low price, I wish to have one,one day. Though you sell those cars at low price but I don’t have enough money to buy my own car. I am 21st years old, student from low status family but my family status can’t make me not to have a car, I promise myself to study very hard and to perform well so I can get a good job and money to buy a car. Am glad that you bring up this opportunity cause am going to try my best to win car from your company.I really love cars…….may God bless the people work in car from Japan company and the company in general. Keep on bring up this kind of opportunity and I promise to be a good ambassador of car from Japan. Thank you so much.

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