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Inez greaham from USA message

Inez greaham from USA message
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Well it’s not actually for me, It’s for my mother. She is 60 years old and diabled, she is a hard working woman and dowes alot for those around her, while making her doctors appointment for my father which is a diabled vetrain. Unfortunately, 5 months a man ran directly into her. It was completely his fault my mother was actually sitting still she ran directly in to her and totaled the family car even though he only had a broken tail light. The other drivers insurance issued a rental car to my mother and then suddenly stop payments on the rental without notifying her and the rental company reported as stolen and pressed charges on my 60 year old mother and when she found out that the payment was stopped, she returned the rental and they sent her to jail!!!! She has never been in any legal issues.. Since then the charges have been dismissed and she was able to get a little honda that is smashed in on one side and every time the family goes any where together we all have to climb out of one side. We are thankful for what we have, but when my father and mother have to climb over seats it’s heart breaking.. Due to financial situation she can’t afford a new one.. This will make her Christmas it would maybe make her lifetime so I hope she would win this, the smile that would spread across her face so wide it would warm every ones heart..

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