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Imani Mgaya from Tanzania message

Imani Mgaya from Tanzania message
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Thank you very much for the room that you have given us to show our gratitude through writing.
To be honest, it is very rare to meet the big opportunity campaign in the world like CAR FROM JAPAN,
The following are the reasons why you should pick me as a winner of CAR FROM JAPAN:

Inner interest on Car from Japan, to be honest, I was growing up in Soldiers Camp because my father was a soldier and he was staying nearby a camp drivers, Mr. Shango, Lukumai and mr. Batholomew. Since i was young i was hearing our parents appreciating CAR FROM JAPAN and other electronics. So by hearing always what they were saying on the CAR FROM JAPAN, i find myself became interesting with CAR FROM JAPAN and from that point of childhood, i was building cars by using wires, plastics and pieces of wood and i was telling my friends that this is not from china and telling them many characteristics of CAR FROM JAPAN. When they did not believe i told them confidently let us make collision of our cars by believing my car will stand still because it is from Japan. It is a real story in childish but the reason today why i like CAR FROM JAPAN from my heart. Even if I will not win, my car will be bought from Japan. Believe or not.

I will be a good marketer of your brand, having that story in childhood, you can get the answers that to market CAR FROM JAPAN will not be an issue to me. Since I have inner interest on Japanese used car, I have ability to convince others to like and buy CAR FROM JAPAN for their own use.

I will be your ambassodor in my countr not only a marketer but also the ambassador of your Brand in Tanzania.

It is obvious that the Japanese used Car are:-

The materials that are used to make these car are very steel and the way they are organized lead the THE CAR FROM JAPAN to maintain its status and remain at the top in durability of its products. Hence increases its demand.

It is obvious that CAR FROM JAPAN are cheap as I compare to other companies. This means that it allows even those who has no much money to possess their own cars in low price. This bring equal opportunity to all.

Some Japanese used Car are very economical in fuel consumptions, this enable even the low income earners to manage their cheap car in daily routine. Thus CAR FROM JAPAN is able to cater all kind of income earners. In short it is none selective.

CAR FROM JAPAN is a big brand and it has reputation all over the world over number of years. I’m sure that every one likes to work with the company.

By concluding, I’m confident enough to say that CAR FROM JAPAN will remain my number one choice. Thank you

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