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Ikaneng Thebe from Lesotho message

Ikaneng Thebe from Lesotho message
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Hi! cars from japan let me stat by saying your simply the best with marvelous services best of the best when it comes to deliveries my friend recently bought a car from you japanese cars it clean neat and tidy it looks so good with low fuel consumption we travelled the country i sometime drove it i really felt like i was in the plane we did not use too much money on fuel cause it saves a lot im willing to buy buy my own one day and i know that God will one day grant that oppotunity and wont hesitate to call you japanes cars i mean japanes cars your so great japanese i have a friend in other districts who who is so interested in buying a car from japan i encouraged him to buy one very soon he will call you to deliver his. Ive told him within a month he will be driving his own car from japan no where else but in japan i feel so happy to be part parcel of this campaign hoping that japanes cars will consider me as one of the winners. Oh how pleasant would it be finding my self sa a winner japanese car are the best of the best its for the third time i participatatd in this campaign and its enjoyable a lot i really find myself stuck on my phone if wishes were horses i would buy too many cars from japanese cars and sell them in my country not for profit but for plessure to sell japanese cars i would buy all kind of vehicle to sell them in my motherland and i hope that one day things will turn around and enable toreach that dream of selling japanese cars

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