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Ifeoluwapo Asekun-Olarinmoye from Nigeria message

Ifeoluwapo Asekun-Olarinmoye from Nigeria message
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This is so innovative and unique. I am really happy at this huge gesture of corporate social responsibility by CAR FROM JAPAN. Giving back to the communities supporting one’s business is a pretty solid way of ensuring business loyalty and clientele retention. The idea behind this campaign is pure genius because it has given CAR FROM JAPAN wonderful exposure and a larger clientel base. Thank you for the opportunity to hope that I can indeed win a brand new car becuase there is not much to be happy or hopeful about nowadays.

Then again, there is a huge marketing/market share potential for your company if i were to be the lucky receipient of this campaign. I currently work parttime with a PR and advertising company. I travel a lot and i am a social media fanatic. On all these points, the relationship is a win-win for you and I if I were to be your lucky winner. However, above and beyond whatever I have written before as my reason for wanting to win, I sincerely desire to win because I want to give my beautiful wife (and mother of my adorable lil’princess) the gift of a car this christmas. She needs one badly but i cannot afford to get her any for now and she truly deserves to get one.

Win or not, CAR FROM JAPAN deserves several rounds of applause for springing up this absolutely exciting and amazing end-of-the-year campaignThree hearty cheers to y’all HIP!!! HIP!!! HIP!!! HURRAY!!!

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