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Ibrahim from Tanzania message

Ibrahim from Tanzania message
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Hello! CAR FROM JAPAN “Japanese used car”

So, thanks for this competition, its much pleasure to participate. I wish one day can own my own car, i tried my best to make this wish come true … but now you came with this amazing and awesome thing, surely am the one who can win this. I will do my best.

I started followed you a time now, and i saw many cars … beautiful cars in your stocks, i loved them, they are used but, the way how they looks like, as new ones!!! I real love you guys.

Wish you all the best, and for this, i will try my best 😊

I want to say something may be an advice for you. Ammm … i wish some day you come with the idea of establishing an App. I mean “Used car from Japan Application” to help your customers to access easily those services. Free App and clear deals. But, you must be updated every time you upload new used cars, that’s mean, there must be a person who develop and deal with this downloadable App.

We know now, everything is in internet now, such Jumia in Tanzania works well because its just an App. So am telling you to think about this one, its cute idea. 😊😊

I wish my Tanzania should minimize the Tax of these cars especially from Japan. Almost 87% of cars in here came from Japan, that will be cool if these both countries Unite and clear this Issue.

By the way, competition is too hard and i haven’t that much points, but if i will nat win that car… its OK, that’s how the race is, there must be only one winner!!!

Hey .. hey … but am trying my best, ok? 😊😊

(Sorry if my English is not good, am from Swahili land, Tanzania) 😊😊

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