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Houston Bruce from USA message

Houston Bruce from USA message
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Hi my name is Houston, i’m 63 years old, Disabled and single parent of 3 kids, going thru a tough time this year. wrecked my auto and only receiving $1000 from insurance co. to replace it. Cars from Japan could be a life saver, on top of that we are getting evicted got a court date for the 22nd of Dec. 2016 and more than likely the judge will give us 7 days from that date to be out, Truthfully we have nowhere to go at this point, can’t find any thing to rent that we can afford so looking like no car and no home very soon unless things change drastically. I’m just praying really hard that things will change very quickly., A Japanese used car would really be a huge step in turning things around for me and my kids at this point. and that is why i’m praying you pick me.

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